Beyond Bodywork

Artistic Coaching Session

A one-on-one session for dancers, gymnasts or figure skaters who are looking to refine their technical movement in a competitive routine! During our session we will discuss transitions, pictures, and lines with a goal of enhancing the quality of movement of the artist’s routine. This can be done virtually, at the artist’s home, or in a studio setting. (Additional rental fees for studio may apply.)

30 minutes $40

  • A. Hiatt

    "I'm a competitive gymnast and during my lesson with Katey the way I felt while dancing increased for the better! She helped me feel and look confident at the same time! Katey helped me feel stronger in my dance knowing that I looked good doing it. Katey has a unique way of making me feel joy when I'm dancing my floor routine, she makes it so much fun! She helped me focus on transitions that I needed help with. Katey made a huge impact on my floor routine, and after just one lesson, my floor routine score went up. I have no doubt that this was due to Katey's help with my gymnastics choreography. Overall Katey has a unique way of making you feel relaxed and happy while dancing, while at the same time improving the dance and focusing on details to improve the overall quality of the piece. Thanks Katey!"

  • S. Wilkins

    "Katey is a wonderful dance teacher. She is incredibly intuitive and can read her students and situations very quickly. She uses that to adapt her teaching to your child's style of learning and more often than not, instills a love of dance in them. She is insightful, passionate and very kind hearted. Her ballet choreography is simply beautiful."

  • K. Kozielek

    "Katey always has the best interest of my girls at heart. She's an amazing instructor and has the ability to specifically let them know which muscles need to be engaged for specific dance movements. Very impressive for sure as this helps the girls become stronger and more successful dancers! Additionally, her positive attitude and caring nature make for an amazing environment for dancers to train, grow and learn."

  • T. Palchak

    "Miss Katey is very thorough and she focuses on every part of the body. She makes sure that every move is the best that it can be. Miss Katey always explains and demonstrates which helps me better to understand how to fix mistakes."

  • A. Mendonca

    "In my solo privates with Miss Katey, we always talk about something new. Like a new way to look at the dance or a new way to connect and feel the piece. During the privates, Miss Katey always talks about different areas to improve on. I love how she uses meaningful words. Even if you don't know the word she will tell you the definition and how it goes with your piece. Solo privates give me a different way to see my movement and see the dance. I enjoy the hard work that goes into them and just being able to focus on that one dance. After a private with Miss Katey, I always leave feeling more confident in the dance."

  • M. Mendonca

    "At my solo privates, Katey always has me set a specific goal. I do this for each of my solo competitions. She asks me each visit, "How can you make this solo better?" We go over things that I need to work on during the private lesson. Katey does an excellent job of pushing me out of my comfort zone. I love having privates with Katey because I always leave with a sense of accomplishment and improvement. Whatever the dance is, I can focus on that one dance. I feel prepared!"

  • H. Carlson

    "Miss Katey is an amazing instructor! I love taking her classes and her private lessons have helped me grow so much as a dancer. Miss Katey is very supportive and continues to push me to become a more technically trained dancer. She gives me wonderful feedback and helpful demonstrations that improve my placement and flexibility. She is always encouraging me to try a new movement in a new way that makes my overall technique and dancing look stronger. I always walk out of the dance studio feeling more confident in my work and ready to perform!"